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I'm Sara Lynn. Mother, Photographer, All Around Master of Juggling it All. And my secret super power? Retouching.
I have loved, and I mean LOVED, retouching from the very beginning. And that's why I started The Edit. 

we are creatives.
just like you.

about us

I wanted to create a boutique retouching studio that focused on realistically perfecting instead of unattainable perfection. The goal is to remove distractions and have the focus be on the emotion and details of the image. Whether that be smoothing skin texture that comes and goes or removing linen creases that didn't get steamed. Even Fixing makeup, swapping faces or adjusting clothing articles. I wanted to create an experience where photographer and editor can collaborate and feel their images are being edited as if they were doing it themselves. 

it's about realistic perfection

about us

our edits


I absolutely love my photos! they really represent who i am as a creative and I can't wait to share them.


Thank you for listening to my requests and working with me to create portraits even more beautiful.

A heavy Manipulation of the image like removing braces, face swapping, adding in People, Adding/Removing Clothing 
Starts at $30.00

1 Image


Choose a Membership that works best for your business 
No Roll-Overs
A light retouching to create a realistically flawless image
Starts at $200.00

100+ per Month


A light retouching to create a realistically flawless image

1 image





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A light retouching consisting of smoothing skin, removing dark circles and realistically perfecting eyebrows. For detail images, thing like a light retouch on linens to remove folds or lint will be done.

This light retouching doesn't include removing "body fat or rolls", bra straps, fixing hair or making people look "ten pounds lighter". 



starts at $200

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This membership is for the photographer that wants to step away from their computer and enjoy life, photograph more and spend more time with family. All images receive an individual retouch - a light retouching meant to realistically perfect details and portraits. Image Counts do not roll over to next month if not completely used.

Up to 100 Images per Month - $200.00
Up to 400 Images per Month - $300.00
up to 800 Images per Month - $600.00

3, 6 and 12 Month Memberships available


Team pics

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Starts at $30

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Composites feature a heavy retouching and includes the Individual Retouch. This is where we are swapping faces, adding or removing people, removing "body rolls", adding or removing clothing articles like veils or bra straps. This also includes adding or fixing makeup, removing braces or removing people from backgrounds.

Each Image is reviewed and a quote given depending on the extent of work being requested. Composites start at $30 each image.

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